Eric Bischoff Pitched GM Video Game To WWE

The idea got lost in the shuffle

Management video games are a popular pastime around the world and there are plenty of options available. Fans looking to be the next Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp can try their hand at Football Manager, and those looking to be the next Vince McMahon or Tony Khan can play Total Extreme Wrestling. 

WWE has added lite management modes to their annual video games in the past, but the company has never released a full GM title.

This isn't for a lack of trying from Eric Bischoff, though, and he revealed during an Ask Eric Anything podcast that he pitched a similar idea to Total Extreme Wrestling around five years ago. 

"I pitched a project like that to WWE about five years ago. I definitely think it has legs because that's the ultimate fantasy, to build your own wrestling promotion and become your own version of Vince McMahon or Tony Khan. The technology is there, the creative is there, the application could be developed. It's not an inexpensive deal. I pitched the idea.

"It may have been a little longer than five years ago, I'm trying to remember exactly. It got pretty far up the food chain but WWE was working with other developers at the time and it got lost in the shuffle, but it's a cool idea," Bischoff said.

If WWE will release a similar game in the future remains to be seen, but many fans would simply be happy with the return of GM mode in WWE 2K22. 

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