Eric Bischoff Talks About Working With Bret Hart In WCW

"He wanted to kill Vince McMahon when I started working with him"

Eric Bischoff has shed more light on Bret Hart’s time in WCW after his highly controversial exit from WWE. 

Speaking to Conrad Thompson on the 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff highlighted how The Hitman was ‘miserable’ when he swapped New York for Atlanta, and was bitter and angry about the Montreal Screwjob.

Bischoff said:

"He wanted to kill Vince McMahon when I started working with him. He hated Shawn Michaels, he hated Ric Flair, he hated everybody in WWE – probably not everybody but a lot of people. He was miserable; Vince McMahon was the anti-Christ – until he got to go into the Hall of Fame. Then it’s time to kiss and make up. Then Eric [Bischoff] was the anti-Christ, then Hogan was the anti-Christ. He’s so obvious and look to this day I do respect Bret, many aspects of Bret Hart as a performer.

“I still think in the ring today - and I’ve said this before, I’m not going to change my opinion. Nothing will change my opinion; Bret Hart in my opinion is one of the best technical performers in his generation – not the biggest star.”

Bret Hart returned to WWE TV in 2010 after being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006. Since then, Hart has popped up from time-to-time on WWE broadcasts, and has also appeared for AEW.

Credit: 83 Weeks Podcast
H/T: WrestleTalk for the transcription

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