Eric Bischoff Talks The Differences Between WWE And AEW Creative

He returned to TNT after 20 years away last week...

On last week's episode of Dynamite, Eric Bischoff returned to TNT after 20 years away as the special guest moderator for the debate between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy. Eazy E's appearance came only weeks after he spoke to Tony Khan on a special edition of the 83 Weeks podcast. 

Bischoff talked about attending the Dynamite taping on his podcast with Conrad Thompson and described it as "a really great experience."

"When I went backstage in AEW two weeks ago the first thing I noticed as well these guys are having fun laying their s**t out," the former President of WCW said. "These guys are actually having fun trying to figure out how to lay a match out in a way that not only entertains the audience obviously but advances a story. And you could tell. I could hear some of the conversations… I was walking by and it's like these guys are working hard to get each other over. 

"They're not just working hard to get themselves over, which you have to do, but when you get to that point and you're coming at it with a frame of mind that, 'Okay, how can I make my opponent look better than me?' And your opponent is looking to do the same thing, that's when the magic happens and the freedom to do it. So, can't say enough good things about the talent, the energy backstage, the hospitality, the professionalism. It was really a great experience for me."

The former Raw General Manager also commented on the differences between WWE and AEW Creative.

Bischoff said: "The process for professional wrestling has evolved. Changed. Evolved or devolved, depending on your perspective, to the point where everything has become so scripted that we expect that's the way it's going to be. And now that AEW is approaching it differently, and of course, they're spending the week writing the show or conceptualising the show. I don't even want to say writing it because they're probably putting it together differently than obviously a WWE would in terms of reducing everything to paper and approving every little comma, and period, and quotation mark, and all those other silly things that people waste time on in some places. 

"But here it's a collaboration… I'm guessing they've got a pretty good outline and blueprint of what they want to do for the show… But I'm also guessing that they fill a lot of the detail and the colour, if you will, they fill in the colours in a collaborative way day of the show. 

"That was my impression, could be wrong. But that's going back to the future. That's the way it used to be when it was good. When talent had a lot of input into their promos and into their characters. That's the collaboration that used to make, in my opinion, wrestling so much fun to watch and why you got these really cool characters that seemed to have come from out of nowhere."


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