Brian Myers Says WWE Was Offering Talent "Astronomical Money" To Deter Them From Signing With AEW

The locker room called them the "Please don't go to AEW contract"...

During the Countdown To F#cktown podcast, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson revealed they were extremely close to signing with All Elite Wrestling, but WWE made them an offer that was too good to refuse and they ultimately decided to re-sign with the wrestling behemoth. 

Past reports have noted that WWE made a number of Superstars big offers to deter them from leaving in 2019, and Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) confirmed during a recent appearance on Sitting Ringside With David Penzer that the company was offering talent "astronomical money." WWE's motives were also obvious to the wrestlers as their new deals were nicknamed the "Please don't go to AEW contract." 

The IMPACT Wrestling star said: "Yeah absolutely. And then like it was astronomical and then once someone said no then it went up for everybody and then it just kept happening. It wound up being what it was, too good to be true really, to be honest with you… More money than I ever imagined making in this business that I signed for, and like I said, I had already been a producer. 

"The big thing for them was the years. Everybody’s contract was five years. That was their big thing. And, you know, the boys are all calling them the 'Please don't go to AEW contract' but that's fine because I was like, 'Okay, I'm very comfortable here. I enjoy it. I'm set up for post-in-ring stuff.' I was like, 'I'm more than fine signing this'...

"Like I said, it was astronomical money. I asked for more and got it and, like I said, I was already set up for my post-in-ring career with WWE and I was prepared to be part of the family for a long time."


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