Eric Bischoff Talks WWE Firing In 2019

Bischoff was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this week

As seen this week, Eric Bischoff is now an inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame, a well deserved accolade no matter your thoughts on the man. A high profile run as head of WCW was followed by several stints in WWE as on-screen and backstage talent, with Bischoff’s latest run with the company coming in 2019 as Executive Director of SmackDown.

However, this run on SmackDown would prove to be short-lived, with Bischoff relieved of his duties a little over four months after being hired. Talking with Conrad Thompson on the 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff detailed how his firing was handled:

 “When I got to the word, and it wasn’t from Vince, the person telling me just let me know that I was being let go,” Bischoff said. “I was more concerned about the way he was reacting than the way I was reacting. I felt bad for him, because he generally felt bad, we had a great relationship. In that step of the process, we had the conversation, I hugged the individual so he wouldn’t feel bad and he said ‘Would you like to say goodbye to your team?’

“I thought that was so cool. Instead of just walking me out of the door and calling security to escort me out of the door, I got to say goodbye to the 12 or 15 people that were waiting in the office next to me to start my meeting that was scheduled for about 15 minutes from that point. I was really happy to say goodbye to them and leave the room saying something positive to each of them.”

Credit: 83 Weeks
H/T: Wrestling Inc. for the transcription

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