Eric Bischoff: Why AEW's Move To TBS Is A Giant Positive

"How does that suck? How is that bad? I'll tell you why, because the people who are debating it don't know what they're talking about."

Eric Bischoff believes All Elite Wrestling's move to TBS can be 'a giant positive' if they take advantage of their new show following WWE's SmackDown on Fridays.

AEW confirmed that they will move their weekly Wednesday show, Dynamite, to TBS in January 2022, while also agreeing a new hour-long show on Fridays with TNT. 

The new show, called Rampage, will begin on Friday 13 August and will air at 10pm, which directly follows when WWE's Friday Night SmackDown on Fox finishes. 

Former WCW Executive Bischoff believes the switching of Dynamite to TBS from TNT neither hurts or helps AEW, but the huge potential benefit comes in the form of their new Friday show.

The WWE Hall Of Famer says, if it was him, he would be buying up all local advertising that is available within SmackDown to showcase AEW Rampage.

Bischoff said, on his 83 Weeks Podcast: "I think the whole move is a giant bonus. I think it’s a brilliant move. Let’s look at it, and I don’t know how much money is involved, it doesn’t matter. 

"Here’s what happened; AEW is moving from TNT on a Wednesday night at 8 p.m. over to TBS on a Wednesday night at 8 p.m. The audience is going to find them, there’s not going to be a loss of audience. It’s not going to change a thing so there’s no net loss. There’s no net gain, I don’t think there will be a net gain, but I could be wrong. But let’s just say it’s a neutral move, it’s a lateral move. Didn’t hurt, didn’t help, it just is.

"But they got a show on Friday night following Smackdown. Guess what I’m doing if I’m Turner? Tony, are you listening? I’m buying local advertising inside of Smackdown in all of the markets in this country that I want to promote my shows in, live events or otherwise.

"And while people are watching Smackdown, I’m going to be telling them ‘hey, when Smackdown’s over, guess what we’re doing over here?’ And you’re going to drag some of that audience with you. That’s not a positive, that’s a giant positive, a giant net gain.

"So they risked nothing, they've got an extra hour of television which is additional revenue, and they're going to be able to draft off of SmackDown? How does that suck? How is that bad? I'll tell you why, because the people who are debating it don't know what they're talking about."

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