Erick Redbeard: There's Always An Opportunity To Go Back To WWE

Could Erick Redbeard follow Bray Wyatt back to WWE?

Could Erick Redbeard, AKA Erick Rowan, be the next Wyatt Family member to return to WWE?

Speaking with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, the former WWE Tag Team Champion said he is not opposed to continuing his story there: 

"There's always [an] opportunity and my story within wrestling, that character of Erick Rowan or Erick Redbeard, it has so much left to tell and talk about. I think when I stepped aside when Covid happened and people were let go, I wasn't ready for my story to stop".

Redbeard was released by WWE in April 2020, during the first round of mass releases attributed to 'budget cuts' owing to the pandemic. He had been a main roster fixture for close to seven years prior to being let go. 

Since leaving WWE, Redbeard has worked primarily on the independent scene and also wrestled two matches for AEW (as well as appearing on the Brodie Lee Celebration of Life episode of Dynamite).

Asked whether there was ever a discussion about having him join the company full-time as a member of Lee's stable The Dark Order, Redbeard said: 

"It was never a conversation. I was doing and pursuing my own things and I don't know, just it was it was never a thing. I didn't want to be that guy that distracts and always made you remind people of a loss especially that quickly and with the Dark Order. I wanted nothing to do with it and that's not to say that I'm better or not.

"What I'm saying is I didn't want anything to do with it because that's his legacy. If it's going to fizzle out I want it to fizzle out but he made it and created that in such a quick amount of time. I want that to be the memory of him".

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