Erick Rowan Discusses His WWE Release, Possibly Working For AEW Or Other Promotions

The spider's non-compete might run out before his...

Former WWE performer Erick Rowan (who now uses the name "Erick RedBeard") took part in an interview with Lewis Nicholls, and discussed a myriad of topics, namely the end of his run with WWE, and what may lay ahead.

In regards to his reaction to getting released, Rowan said, "You get that initial shock, and then it's like, well, OK, what's next because you got to keep going. My family, they know I got goals and things I want to do outside of wrestling as well as still in wrestling. I'm not even 40 yet. I haven't even hit the peak of my career. These interviews that I do are so beneficial to show people that hey, I have a voice. I'm more than just some brute in the background of some weekly show, or some guy that just terrorizes people with the cage that are smaller than them."

As far as where he may go next, Rowan replied, "I haven't had any conversations. I'm still under a 90-day no-compete clause. But as far as something like that, yes, that would be awesome to be able to show your talents on a national level because they do have a contract through TNT, and they get great exposure. They have a lot of really good guys that work there that know they're doing, and they're giving kids chances.

"So yes, I do watch. I do find it entertaining at points and not entertaining at other points, which every show's like that. There's other guys on the independents that I'd love to work with. They got some big boys over at Impact. They got some big boys over at ROH. That's not even getting into overseas stuff, but as far as AEW would go, for me, and I think Brodie would say this as well, we need to stay the hell away from each other. We just keep finding each other somehow."

(Credit to Wrestling Inc for transcription)

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