FTR Claim They're Under A "Short-Term, Almost Handshake Deal" With AEW

They say they're under no long-term obligation...

With the former Revival showing up and confronting The Young Bucks on the May 27 episode of AEW Dynamite, it's all but inevitable that the much-discussed Bucks vs. FTR match will take place sooner or later.

But despite FTR appearing on two episodes of Dynamite (with a match against The Butcher and The Blade coming up on this week's broadcast), the two are apparently not under a long-term contract with the organization.

"We have a short-term, almost handshake deal, because they want to get this match done since it's been talked about for so many years," Cash Wheeler claimed on The Jim Cornette Experience. "We're not under any long-term obligation to anybody."

"Tony [Khan] has been great to us. He's got full trust in us, which is probably why he's allowing us to appear on a handshake deal," Dax Harwoo added. "He's a huge fan of the wrestling business, more important to us and our pocketbooks, he's a fan of ours because he loved the Mid-South stuff. He really believes we're guys that can get over. During the pandemic, he wants us to get the match with the Bucks and wants to be the guy to get that match. We're not against signing with Tony but there are so many guys we want to test our skills against."

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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