ESPN Documentary Director Recalls Ric Flair Blading In Front Of Him In WWE

Flair got the director in trouble with WWE

The director behind ESPN's 30 For 30: Nature Boy documentary has recalled how Ric Flair got him in trouble with WWE by blading in front of him.

Rory Karpf and his film crew followed Flair around for a while to produce the documentary, which saw Karpf get to know the 16-time World Champion on a personal level.

The Nature Boy even showed him one of professional wrestling's still most protected and controversial secrets - the art of blading.

Speaking on Beyond The Lens, Karpf said: "It’s an interesting story, Ric cut himself. He showed us how he bladed, which really got me in trouble with WWE because he showed up at Monday Night RAW with a cut on his head, and they’re still kind of protective of certain parts of the business.

"So, Ric cuts himself and he bled all over the locker room he was in at this arena, and then just like, took off. I went back there, and it looked like a crime scene. I’m like, ‘I can’t leave this.’

"We’re filming, no one else was there, so I myself got the janitor closet and they had bleach, and I just started mopping this stuff up. I put some gloves on and scrubbed it away. I’m thinking like: 'I’m going to get charged like ten grand if I don’t clean this stuff up.' He left his DNA all over the Center Stage in Atlanta.

"Then I met him up at a restaurant and he didn’t change his shirt! He’s still got blood, he looks like he just came from a car accident. It was actually St. Patrick’s Day, so you know, I then got to drink with Ric Flair, which is its own kind of experience."

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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