Eugene Open To WWE Return

Will Eugene return?

Nick Dinsmore, the man who portrayed Eugene in WWE, has revealed he would be interested in a return to the company. 

Dinsmore remains active in wrestling through his South Dakota-based promotion and training school, Midwest All Pro Wrestling.

If given the opportunity, though, Dinsmore would return to WWE as any character the company presented him with. 

"Absolutely. People ask me, 'Would you ever go back?' Of course I would. I think people gripe... you're gonna gripe about any job you have, but they've given me a platform, they've given me a career. It's been phenomenal. I would do any character that they would present before me. I don't know [if it will happen]," Dinsmore told the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast.

Dinsmore has had multiple WWE runs and he first performed in the company from 2004 until 2007 as Eugene, the WWE-obsessed childlike nephew of Eric Bischoff. He then briefly returned in 2009 before a one-year run as an NXT trainer in 2013 and 2014. 

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