Every Hulk Hogan World Title Reign Ranked From Worst To Best

Here is every single one of Hulk Hogan's World Championship reigns ranked from worst to best!

He might have a list of controversies several miles long, but there is no denying just how important Hulk Hogan has been to the wrestling business over the years. Either as a Real American or the villainous leader of the New World Order, Hogan has been a megastar everywhere he’s gone and his popularity and influence have both boosted and sank promotions in equal measure.

During his time in the ring, Hogan won 12 different world championships across WWE and WCW. But which of them were the best? And which of them deserve to be choked out by his 24 inch pythons?

Say your prayers, eat your vitamins and join us as we rank Every Hulk Hogan World Championship Reign Ranked From Worst To Best.

12. WWE Championship - December 3 to December 4 1991

Hulk hogan vs. undertaker tuesday in texas wwe 1991

Unlike many of his fellow multi-time world champions, The Hulkster never had a title reign begin and end on the same night. He did, however, have one that started on one night and ended the next, which is also pretty embarrassing.

At Survivor Series 1991, Hogan lost his WWE Championship to The Undertaker, giving The Deadman his first run with the top prize. Unfortunately for Taker, he would lose the title back to Hogan six days later at This Tuesday in Texas. 

Both the Survivor Series contest and its rematch suffered from a metric boatload of interference, prompting WWF President Jack Tunney to declare the title vacant 24 hours after Hogan’s victory. 

This did pave the way for the exceptional 1992 Royal Rumble that was won by Rick Flair, but we couldn’t really justify putting this reign anywhere but last.

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