10 Forgotten WWE Survivor Series Moments

10 WWE Survivor Series moments you may have forgotten about

As one of WWE’s original ‘big four’ pay-per-views, Survivor Series has played host to many a memorable match and moment. 

Considering there have been 35 editions of the event, it’s not too shocking that some moments might have faded from the collective memory of wrestling fans just a little bit.

So, with the 2023 edition right around the corner, we thought we’d shine a light on some Survivor Series moments that may have been underrated, overlooked or otherwise significant but that are, for whatever reason, rarely brought up. 

These are 10 Forgotten WWE Survivor Series Moments.

10. Kofi Survives - 2009

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Before Randy Orton branded him as STUPID! STUPID! for bungling a match finish on Raw, Kofi Kingston’s late-2009 push was going just swimmingly. 

In the run-up to that year’s Survivor Series, Kingston got the better of the Legend Killer on several occasions, memorably destroying his custom NASCAR car and hitting him with an almighty Boom Drop through a table in Madison Square Garden. 

Captaining his team of Christian, Mark Henry, MVP and R-Truth against Randy’s squad of CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr. and William Regal, Kofi’s star continued to shine. 

The match eventually came down to Kingston against Punk and Orton, the odds not looking good for the Ghana-born high-flier. 

Outnumbered and outmatched, Kofi had to dig deep against the Viper and Straight-Edge Superstar. Scrapping to stay in the fight, Kingston managed to counter his old tag partner’s roll-up into one of his own, eliminating him. 

Mere seconds later, Orton attempted to intervene, only to be met with a Trouble in Paradise (which he sold expertly) and he too was eliminated.

Just like that, Kofi had defeated two ex-World Champions in one night. It was a breathless, perfectly timed and executed finish that did much to raise Kingston’s stock.

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