10 Truly Shocking WWE Survivor Series Eliminations

10 truly shocking eliminations from WWE Survivor Series

Survivor Series is WrestleMania’s younger brother, and we love it for that. 

The event was previously home to the traditional elimination tag match, a stipulation which has been through many different phases over the years. It started as a device to put long-term storylines in motion for WrestleMania, and it morphed into a battle over whether Raw or SmackDown was the better brand before being retired altogether in 2022 with the debut of WarGames. 

One thing that remained constant throughout, though, was a huge variety of eliminations. And with over 30 years of history to look back on, you’d better believe that some are as surprising, dramatic, and downright weird as it gets.

These are the 10 Truly Shocking WWE Survivor Series Eliminations.

10. Walter's Poor Showing - 2019

Walter survivor series 2019

On the unusual Raw vs. SmackDown vs. NXT edition of Survivor Series, NXT stars like Rhea Ripley, Roderick Strong and Shayna Baszler didn’t just get a chance to shine on the big stage; they took full advantage -  humiliating Raw and SmackDown, and beating some of WWE’s most established names in the process.

If that wasn’t enough to get fans excited, large Austrian bear-man Walter (now Gunther) was part of the men’s elimination tag match. Unlike his teammates, he was representing the NXT UK brand...which should maybe have been a clue of what was to come… With wrestling fans eager to see Walter chop Randy Orton and Seth Rollins into oblivion, he tagged into the match early on. Then he had a little scuffle with Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman, ate a claymore, and was immediately eliminated. Oh. 

To make matters worse, Walter was in the midst of an 870 day reign as UK Champion, proving that if you chose to care about WWE’s smaller shows at the time, the company itself will resent and ridicule you for it.

Fortunately, all was alright in the long run and Gunther has since established himself as one of the top stars on the WWE main roster. 

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