10 Best Rivalries In WCW History

These are the 10 best rivalries in WCW history

At one point in time, World Championship Wrestling very nearly dethroned WWE as the top dog in sports entertainment. They didn’t, obviously, but if they had done, we’d have these great feuds to thank for playing their parts.

For this list, we’re limiting things to one entry per wrestler and we’re counting “WCW” as anything from WrestleWar 1991 onwards, as that’s when the company seceded from the National Wrestling Alliance.

This is the 10 Best Rivalries in WCW History. 

10. Brian Pillman vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

Jushin liger brian pillman headlock

When WCW launched its own weekly TV show, Nitro, in 1995, the very first match they put on was a Cruiserweight clash between Flyin’ Brian Pillman and the owner of one of the greatest masks in wrestling history, Jushin Thunder Liger. 

This would actually be the final time these two men would meet in the ring, as the bulk of their feud had taken place years earlier. Pillman and Liger first met in New Japan Pro-Wrestling but would feud in America over the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship, which the masked man beat the Loose Canon for on Christmas Day 1991 - What a present that was.

The two would continue to tussle over the title into 1992, with Pillman winning it back at SuperBrawl II and they would also team up as part of a tournament for the NWA tag titles, where, in the first round, they faced the tandem of Chris Benoit and a wrestler called Beef Wellington - Yes, you read that correct: “Beef Wellington.” 

Though it wasn’t the longest feud ever, Liger versus Pillman helped put lightweight wrestling on the map in WCW, something the company would become famous for in later years.

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