Ex-WWE Developmental Talent Recalls Being Hazed By Mark Carrano

Hazing extended to talent relations

Over the years, more and more stories have emerged about WWE's culture of hazing, with Justin Roberts having previously highlighted in his book that some of the mistreatment and bullying comes from the very top of the company.

Hazing seemingly extended to talent relations and former WWE developmental talent Bill Carr recalled being hazed by Mark Carrano during an appearance on Brotherly Love Wrestling.

"Being backstage at those shows [WWE], it's like, okay, I have to shake everybody's hand, introduce myself to everybody, don't look anybody in the eye, go stand in this corner, make sure that nobody sees me. It's a really stressful environment and they play a lot of mind games and everything," Carr said. 

"One specific time for me and I was under contract at the time and came home for like a Christmas break I think and we had a week off so we can come back home and Raw was up in Albany and I asked somebody if I could go up there and hang out and they were like, 'Yeah, absolutely. Just show up, they know who you are. You'll be good.' 

"So I get up there and was told, 'Okay, just go tell Mark Carrano that you're here.' So I go to his office, knock on the door, I hear him say, 'Come in,' open up the door, walk in, looks at me, starts screaming at me. He's going, 'What the hell are you doing walking in unannounced? Not knocking,' all this and that. '[If John] Laurinaitis was here, you'd be fired on the spot. Go wait outside my door and I'll come outside when I'm ready.’ So I'm like, 'What the hell just happened? What was that?' Like I knocked, you told me to come in and now you're telling me that I'm almost getting fired for not knocking," he continued. 

"So he made me wait outside of his door for two hours before he came out and he came outside, opens up the doors and he's like, 'Okay, you're here. Just go put your bag somewhere' and I'm like, 'What the hell is going on here?' So they play a lot of mind games and he just got recently let go and I don't like people losing their job but, I'm not mad or upset that he got fired. Everything that you read on this guy is 100 percent true. He's not a good person at all."

Carrano previously worked in WWE as senior director of talent relations. He was let go in April 2021 after Mickie James and other released Superstars revealed they received their belongings in a garbage bag. 

Carr has spent his career on the independent wrestling scene since leaving WWE developmental in 2011. He recently debuted in Ring Of Honor at the 19th Anniversary show and he has been renamed 'Dutch'. 

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