Exclusive: Aiden English Recalls Working With WWE's Vince McMahon

Matt Rehwoldt opened up on Straight To Hell

Former WWE Superstar Matt Rehwoldt (FKA Aiden English) was the most recent guest on Ross Tweddell's Straight To Hell and the voice behind Rusev Day had a lot to say about his time in WWE. 

During their one-hour chat, which you can check out here, Rehwoldt recalled working with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

"You hear all kinds of crazy stories about Vince McMahon. Many of them are true or at least half-true. All the crazy stuff is real, but I will say that the minute you get one on one in a room with him, he's very cool," Rehwoldt said. 

"He's not [pantomimes a monster] screaming; he has some crazy ideas, but he's very matter of fact when you talk to him. He wants to listen. He's just kind of a good guy to talk to. It's just sometimes hard to get that time. 

"He's usually pretty good and he's good at listening. I would say a) depending on who you are, he'll take it into consideration and next week you'll find yourself doing something pretty cool, b) he'll take it, do the old 'pull and twist,' and out the other end comes... right. The other thing is, you get heard, which is nice, but nothing happens. And whether it's simply forgotten or they realise they can't do it, I don't know. But that happens probably the most. People have pitches every single -- there are lines outside his door every single week. I don't pity him in that regard."

Rehwoldt's former boss has become famous over the years for tearing up WWE TV scripts only hours before the show is due to go on the air and the former Aiden English noted McMahon does read the scripts ahead of TV, but will sometimes have changed his mind by the time Monday or Friday rolls around. 

"There's a writing team in Connecticut that have a deadline, usually, for Raw, needs to be done by Wednesday or Thursday. And then they have a meeting at corporate to go over it themselves, and then the script is sent off. But then they go over it again at TV," Rehwoldt said.

"Vince *does* see the scripts beforehand, but I don't know if he kinda just breezes through them and then waits until TV to really go through them. He's a business guy, but he's also this weird kind of creative genius or madman or whatever, so sometimes, it just hits him like, 'Nope, nevermind this sucks,' like a painter that's 90 percent done with his painting, and then just goes, 'No,' then tears it in half."

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