Exclusive: Colt Cabana Reveals Original Plans For His AEW Debut

Plans were brought forward

Colt Cabana made his All Elite Wrestling debut in February 2020 during the Revolution Buy-In when he helped SCU fend off Dark Order. 

That wasn't the original plan, though. Cabana revealed on Straight To Hell that he was originally going to finish up his NJPW tour first and make his AEW debut in April. The tour was scrapped, however, so AEW decided to bring his first appearance forward.

"I signed about a month beforehand [the COVID-19 pandemic], and I had signed on the agreement that I would sign, I would finish up my tours with New Japan, and I would debut in April for AEW. And so I think a week before the Revolution pay-per-view my tour of Japan had been cancelled - myself and [Toru] Yano were going to team up - and they were just like 'let's figure out a way to debut and start you right away.' Which was cool for me because it was obviously a prestigious tour and a lot of money being taken away from not doing that New Japan tour, so right away I was now being paid to be a wrestler for AEW," Cabana stated.

While Cabana ultimately didn't get to resume teaming with Toru Yano, "Boom Boom" hopes to do so after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"I wanted to stay with New Japan, and Tony Khan assured me that I was allowed to do New Japan shows as long as it didn’t clash. So, you know, I don't think I could go on every single tour, but the opportunity was there to continue tagging with Yano. It was something I really wanted to do and was looking forward to. That was something that was taken away, and hopefully now that this 'forbidden door' is open in a way... you know, we still have to wait for COVID precautions in Japan to kinda go away," he added.

Check out Colt Cabana's episode of Straight To Hell below: 

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