EXCLUSIVE: Even People Within WWE Were Fans Of Blue Pain

WWE secretly love Blue Pain

While WWE's legal department seemed to enjoy sending him cease-and-desist letters, Blue Pain (FKA Blue Kane) did have fans within the major pro wrestling company. 

After being asked by Cultaholic Wrestling's Tom Campbell about opponents he almost faced beyond Matt Cardona, Blue Pain said: 

"Well there was Ryback! He was one. Ryback said that he would wrestle me for $25,000 and I quote-tweeted and said I'd wrestle him for $250, I'm much cheaper. To be fair, Ryback did send me a few kind messages... I've heard indirectly from some friends in WWE that quite a lot of people are like, 'Oh my god, I love Blue Kane.' I'm like, 'People in WWE like Blue Kane even if people in WWE Legal don't.'"

Blue Pain has since unmasked, partially due to the two cease-and-desist letters he was sent by WWE because of the gimmick's initial similarity to Kane. That doesn't mean Wrestling Memes won't continue to pop up at shows as Blue Pain and he noted to Cultaholic that he is hoping to have matches with Gangrel and Danhausen in the future. 

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