Exclusive: Evil Uno Wants AEW To Introduce A Trios Title

Uno wants some six-man gold

There has been support within All Elite Wrestling for a trios championship for some time from the likes of The Young Bucks and Proud and Powerful. Tony Khan also said last year that he was considering introducing the championship, but the title has yet to be created by AEW.

Another name can now be added to the list of those who want a trios title as Evil Uno expressed his support on Straight To Hell. The Dark Order man also revealed how the championship could be different from the AEW World Tag Team Title.

"I hear the rumour all the time and I genuinely think they should happen," Uno said. "This is what I say for these trios championships. If you want them to be different, it can't just be three people vs. three people. I think it needs to be official Lucha trios rules. And that's where you can blur the lines of the rules. That's where a person can roll outside it counts as a tag, if you do a dive it counts as a tag. 

"That would change what the formula for a match is when you establish trios championships and would then actually differentiate what a tag team match and what a six-man tag is. I think that would be super interesting," he continued. 

"If it doesn't, if it's still tag-related, I'm a specialist at that and I would love for the trios to come around because that's an extra opportunity for myself to win gold for the Dark Order."

If AEW does introduce a trios title, Evil Uno would have plenty of options to win gold with the likes of John Silver, Alex Reynolds, Colt Cabana and even "Hangman" Adam Page all aligned with Dark Order in some capacity. 

Check out Evil Uno's full appearance on Straight To Hell below:

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