Final Round Of WWE IC Title Tournament Set

The finals take place in two weeks...

It was certainly not the most conventional of elimination tournaments, but the Intercontinental title tournament finals are now set, and will take place on the June 12 edition of WWE SmackDown.

The final match will pit recent SmackDown returnee AJ Styles against the man who ended his year-long WWE title reign in 2018, Daniel Bryan.

Originally, Styles and Bryan were supposed to wrestle Elias and Jeff Hardy, respectively, on tonight's SmackDown in semi-final matches. However, WWE ran an angle to start the show in which an apparently inebriated Hardy ran over Elias with a car outside of the Performance Center.

With Elias hospitalized and Hardy taken to jail, Bryan refused to take an automatic bye into the finals, and opted to face any opponent to earn the spot. Styles, meanwhile, chose to take the "free ride" into the final round.

Bryan ended up wrestling Sheamus, who won a battle royal to earn the freed-up spot in the semis. Bryan defeated Sheamus with the charging knee after Hardy returned to the venue and created a distraction at ringside.

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