Former Employee Reveals WWE Changed Network Search Engine Rules Every Week

“Oh no, Vince doesn't want that. Vince wants you to change it up.”

Since its launch, fans have aimed criticism at the WWE Networks user interface, with its search engine being a prominent bone of contention.

Now it seems it’s not just fans who took issue with the Network, as former WWE Network employee Marie Shadows has expressed frustration working on the site, telling Perched on the Top Rope the difficulty she had logging footage for the network:

"I understood where they were coming from, I was even frustrated with some of the rules they put in place. The first week I was there, you know how Chris Benoit is a very touchy subject. We have to go through lots and lots of footage. Depending on what they assign you, you have to be careful about what you put for the SEO. One week, 'Chris Benoit' is okay so make sure to tag it. Week two, the bosses come in and are like, 'oh no, Vince doesn't want that. Vince wants you to change it up.' The workers didn't have to do it, the supervisors had to do it, but we as the workers had to know that we couldn't do it in the second week. The third week came and they were like, 'Eh, it's okay now.' The fourth week they were like, 'never mind, don't worry about it, we'll take care of everything.' I understood fans when they were complaining about the WWE Network and 'this didn't work' and 'that didn't work.' I had those frustrations over there working with them."

Shadows was released by WWE in October 2020, citing ‘budget cuts’.

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