Former ROW Wrestler Claims She Was Fired By Booker T After Being Stalked

Booker T has been accused of firing a former ROW wrestler for the reason of her being stalked

Raychell Rose is a former Reality Of Wrestling performer who was fired from the promotion, and in a story from Fightful, it is revealed that she believed the firing came from the fact that she was stalked. 

The story has several claims from Rose which detail her being stalked by Shawn Reed, trainee of ROW. It is stated that despite warnings to stay away after making Rose and others feel uncomfortable, Reed continued to make his presence known, leading to Rose seeking police involvement, though no charges were filed, though it is reported that police did tell Reed to stay away and leave Rose alone - something which he allegedly ignored. There were attempts made by ROW officials to keep Reed away from events where Rose was present, though he continued pursuing. 

The head of Reality Of Wrestling, Booker T, wasn’t initially aware of the situation, but did end up confronting Reed. Reports claim that Reed was threatening not only himself, but to also hurt others, with some claims suggesting that he was considering shooting up the venue. Following the event that this interaction took place, Reed arrived at a bar where Rose and many other ROW talent were present. Rose confronted Reed which led to a fight and arrests, one of which being Reed. 

Rose claims that after speaking with Booker T about the incident that she was fired. Rose believes that she was fired due to being stalked, with some claims suggesting that ROW blamed her for making the situation worse. When Fightful reached out to Booker T, he did not confirm the reason behind Rose’s firing, but did state that he believed that ROW talent should have approached Reed in the bar. 

Speaking with Fightful, Rose had this to say in the aftermath of the story.

“To speak on the personal side of things, My safety has not been secure for years due to Shawn Reed and the lack of support I received from the people in charge at Reality of Wrestling which allowed Shawn's actions to escalate the way they did unchecked. This issue being allowed to fester for so long has resulted in many hours of speaking in person to and on the phone with police officers, district attorneys, and lawyers because of this situation. I’ve spent and continue to spend a great deal of time in therapy sessions to process trauma related to this incident in hopes of one day fully overcoming the effects of it. That itself comes with a stigma, but it’s all a part of the healing process which I am learning to navigate and fully embrace.”

She followed up by saying that she hopes ROW put in place ways to help protect their wrestlers going forwards.

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Written by Andrew Kelly