Former WWE Superstar Mickie James Reveals She's Working On A Book

An autobiographical story is in the works

Mickie James has revealed she is in the process of writing an autobiographical book.

James, who was released by WWE in April amid budgets cuts by the promotion, has continued to expand her horizons since departing the company.

The former Women's Champion, who has linked up with the NWA to produce Empowerrr, an all-women's pay-per-view in August, also has a weekly podcast to her name. 

Speaking on AdFreeShows, James has revealed she is penning a book.

She said: "I am working on a book. It's taking a while to write and it's one of those things where I thought...I'm 40 now and have only lived half my life.

"I got approached about a book when I first left WWE the first time. I felt like my career was not even close to being done so there would be so much left out of the story. For me, the story isn't just about the wrestling, it's about my life as a whole because I've been through some stuff. It's more the power of the journey.

"We'll get there. I have started. When I'll finish, I don't know. It's a big commitment. With the time that it takes, I would probably commit to one. We'll see how well it does and then we'll talk about another."

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