Killian Dain: WWE NXT Locker Room Would Watch AEW Dynamite Matches

Killian Dain has revealed that the WWE NXT locker room would often watch AEW shows together when there was a particular match that intrigued them.

WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite were up against each other on Wednesday evenings for 18 months until April of this year in a battle that was declared the 'Wednesday Night War'. 

Big Damo recognises that there's a rivalry to the level of both sides wanting to do the very best they could but says he also wants those in AEW to do well, having worked alongside a significant number of the individuals on their roster.

Speaking with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Riju Dasgupta, he said: "I think people would love me to say it was this rivalry or whatever else. But the truth is, you know when we were going head-to-head if they had a particularly good match, we'd wanted to watch; we'd watch! You know what I mean?

"We'd be backstage in the locker room; we'll be like, 'Oh, such and such, let's see that.' A lot of [them] are our friends, [as is] with a lot of the guys on the roster.

"So yeah, sure, there is a rivalry so far as we wanted to do the best we could, we wanted to put on the best matches, and we felt that we had an incredible roster at NXT. There is not one person there, who has gone, 'F them' or anything like that because I shared locker rooms with maybe at least 50 percent of that roster. In fact, I'm probably underselling that; I'd say I've been at shows with about 75 percent of that roster; some of the guys I even trained with or people who have [been] trained by myself, you know, are on that roster.

"So for us, there was a professional rivalry so far as nobody wants to lose or anything like that, but at the same time, we knew it was great for the industry. We knew it was exactly what it was as us growing up watching, when it was WWF and WCW, maybe on a smaller scale. 

"But for a lot of us, in the NXT locker room, it was a good way; an added motivation is probably the best way to put it. Listen, there's no denying, if there is a really cool match, and we're not doing something on the show that day, we'd be watching, because there were some crackers at the time."

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