Former WWE Writer Brian Gewirtz On If Vince McMahon Has Lost His Touch: "The Mad Genius Still Exists And Probably Always Will"

Gewirtz weighs into the debate

Vince McMahon's booking has come under more and more scrutiny in recent years and many have expressed their view that the WWE chairman has lost his touch.  

Former WWE Writer Brian Gewirtz weighed into this debate during a recent interview with Comicbook.com and referred to the 2010 Nexus angle as an example of McMahon still being "the mad genius." 

Gewirtz said: "I would say to anyone... the snarky ones who sit back and go, 'the old man's lost it,' or 'he's not attached,' or what have you, I would say you don't mean Vince. I think the best example is us sitting around the room one day and then, almost at the top of his head, he pitches the entire Nexus angles - if you recall from 2010 when all the NXT guys turned on [John] Cena and stripped the ring. It was very, very highly buzzed about. 

"It just seemed like maybe the idea did percolate in his head, but he verbalised it for the first time in the meeting. We were all looking at each other like, 'Wow, that was absolutely amazing.' He might not be up on the latest social trends or whatever, but the mad genius still exists and probably always will."

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