Former WWE Writer Recalls Triple H Challenging Vince McMahon Over Sheamus' Character

Sheamus and HHH feuded in 2010

Former WWE writer Matt McCarthy has recalled Triple H challenging Vince McMahon on his decision to heavily lean into Sheamus' Irish heritage.

Sheamus debuted on the WWE main roster in 2009, becoming WWE Champion within six months before wrestling Triple H in his first match at WrestleMania.

The Celtic Warrior has often spoken about how The Game was a mentor for him in his early days in WWE and now McCarthy, a former member of the creative team, has revealed how Triple H pushed WWE Chairman McMahon on his decision to lean too much on the fact that Sheamus is Irish.

Speaking on the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, McCarthy revealed: "Triple H just goes, ‘I thought that we agreed, you know, instead of him just being an Irish star, he was just gonna be a star. I don’t remember Dwayne [The Rock] ever coming out and talking about being Samoan and black. He wasn’t a half black, half Samoan star… he was just a star. Didn’t we talk about doing that with Sheamus? Instead of him being an Irish star, he’s gonna be a star?’ 

"Vince is like, ‘Hmm, yes, that’s true, we did talk about that. Alright, guys, good meeting, let’s get out there and put on a hell of a show.'

“Vince has one of these things where it’s like - ‘Pick the hill you’re gonna die on.' That’s one of Vince’s things, ‘If you’re gonna challenge me on something, you better be sure that this is what you’re gonna challenge me on.’

"And the only one in the room who kind of has a few more punches on his 'Challenge Vince' card than the rest of us is Triple H. But even he has to pick his battles, the hill he’s gonna die on."

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