Sean Waltman Gives His Thoughts On Danielson Vs. Omega On AEW Free TV

Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega finally faced off in an AEW ring at Dynamite Grand Slam, with fans and critics hailing it as an instant classic.

Before a bell even rang, many questioned AEW’s decision to put such a highly anticipated bout on free TV, and WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman agreed with AEW’s decision, saying on the Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast:

“Good for them. It’s like, y’all are gonna b**** about f****** Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega on free TV? They go out there, and they f****** crush it, and then you want to see more and then you f****** pay for the rematch for the title. It makes perfect sense to actual people that f****** know what’s up.”

When Waltman was asked about AEW losing out on potential PPV revenue by giving the bout away for free, he replied with the following:

“On if the match would take away from a potential PPV rematch: “No, and do you think they’re really gonna go out there and give them a 40-minute match? They don’t owe them that. To go out there and give them 15-20 minutes of good s***, well, I mean great, because they can do good s*** in their f****** sleep.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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