Frankie Kazarian Feels His Time And Talent Weren't Valued In AEW

Kazarian left AEW to rejoin IMPACT last month

AEW original Frankie Kazarian doesn't believe his time and talent were being valued by the promotion towards the end of his run there.

Kazarian left AEW in January in order to return to IMPACT Wrestling. 

Speaking with Eric Bischoff on AdFreeShows, the former AEW World Tag Team Champion was asked about what prompted him to make the decision. 

"The thing that I have that is most valuable that I can give to anybody is my time. The thing that I can ask the most out of anybody is to give me their time. That's the one thing that all of us are running out of. Everybody on planet earth. My time in professional wrestling, in my eyes, is long from being done. The time that I have left in the ring, I wanted to give that time to somebody that would value it. I felt, at the time in AEW, my time and contributions and talent, was not being valued. That's okay. I had the opportunity to take my time and give it to somebody else. That's exactly what I did", the 45-year-old said. 

Kazarian will take on Kon at IMPACT No Surrender tomorrow.

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