Franky Monet On Her WWE NXT Gimmick: "She Is A Work In Progress Still"

How much of Taya Valkyrie can we expect?

Since debuting in NXT back in April, Franky Monet has introduced herself to much of the roster. She has popped up in various backstage interviews and segments, interrupting the likes of Raquel Gonzalez and Io Shirai, and a faction with Aliyah and Jessi Kamea has been teased in recent weeks. 

Before signing with WWE earlier this year, Monet was Taya Valkyrie in IMPACT Wrestling and AAA, and PWInsider asked La Wera Loca how different her NXT character would be from her pre-WWE gimmick. 

"She is a work in progress still. I just feel like Franky is just an elevated version of Taya and just a little bit nuttier. And I feel like the way people are going to get to know who I am is through these matches and through all the backstage segments and just getting to understand who I am, and also just realising that never judge a book by its cover," Monet said. 

"I may be blonde and carry a puppy dog and wear fur and all this shiny stuff, but I'm an absolute badass that has no problem having a street fight at a moment's notice. I am a little bit crazy. There's a reason they call me La Wera Loca, and I have been that for 10 years.  So, I think that I'm going to surprise a lot of people, because they're going to be too quick to judge from what they see," she continued.

"But it's just going to take time and it's going to take having killer matches, which I know I will do. And yeah, it's going to be very interesting, but I'm super excited and just growing with my fans."

While Monet has spent much of her time in the black and gold brand so far outside of the ring, she will compete in her second WWE match on tonight's edition of NXT. 

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