Freddie Prinze Jr. Details Pitching Pro Wrestling To TV Networks

And more on his plans for a promotion

While professional wrestling is represented across several TV networks, including FOX, USA, TNT, TBS, and AXS TV, there is still a reluctance among many TV executives to have wrestling on their network. 

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. has previously revealed that he would like to start his own independent wrestling promotion and the Scooby-Doo star detailed the difficulty behind pitching wrestling to TV networks on his Wrestling with Freddie podcast.

"I tried to pitch two wrestling shows last year, to friendly faces only, no strangers. One of them I pitched to three networks, the other I pitched to four. People I have known for over a decade, I said, 'I know you guys aren't necessarily looking for this, but here's something different.' One was around the world of women's wrestling and one was in the world of comedy wrestling, more theatrical wrestling. All times, in all seven rooms, it was, every single question, 'How do we sell this?'" Prinze Jr. said.

"I'm like, 'Like any other show, what are you talking about?' 'People know it's fake.' 'People know Green Arrow is fake and no one can shoot an arrow that nice in real life except Katniss. What are we talking about?' A lot of times, they talk about the level and quality of acting, or the lack thereof that they found. That was an argument that I wasn't always able to match because not every great wrestler is great on the mic because they don't have to be."

Prinze Jr. then went into detail about his plans for a promotion, noting he would have all talent be members of the Screen Actors Guild.

"To go in there and get shot down universally, time and time again, is very frustrating to the point dream is to have my own wrestling federation one day. That's my final retirement project. I had to change my whole perspective on it, which was, I have to have enough money for two years of failure. I'm gonna let it fail for two years, while constantly working to build bridges, open up connections, find homes for it, to the point where it can finally start financing itself, paying wrestlers themselves, providing insurance for wrestlers, things like that," he continued.

"Things that I feel are important. If it can't, then I'll fail in that venture and I'll move on to something else, but that's what is necessary in order for me to try and jump into this train. I don't want to compete with WWE or AEW, I just want to have my own thing and have it on small channels, smaller networks, and have it be a SAG show so they are all Screen Actors Guild and they can have some insurance for as that can last because I'm sure there is some scheme to bust that one up too," Prinze Jr. laughed.

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