Freddie Prinze Jr. Recalls Wade Barrett & Sheamus Having To Pretend To Be Dogs In Front Of WWE's Vince McMahon

Sheamus had an out-of-body experience

From despising sneezing to not knowing what a burrito was despite eating one every day, Vince McMahon has become famous for his eccentricities in professional wrestling.

The WWE chairman's eccentric nature can extend to WWE production meetings and former writer and Hollywood star Freddie Prinze Jr. recalled a meeting where McMahon wanted Wade Barrett and Sheamus to act like dogs which resulted in Barrett growling. 

"I sit down and every single professional wrestler employed by the WWE on the roster is in the production meeting. All of the writers and agents are in the very back. Vince is sitting at the front of the room behind a table with protein bars and energy drinks. He gets up and starts talking about what he's wanting, what they're lacking, and what he's not seeing from them. He literally says the words, 'You have to give me a little razzle-dazzle.' The writer to my left, who's a younger guy, whispers, 'What the hell does razzle-dazzle mean?' I know none of the wrestlers really know because he said it's like Vaudeville. He made this comparison when he said to me, 'We give them some comedy. We give them some music. We give them some suspense. It's Vaudeville Freddie, it's Vaudeville,'" Prinze Jr. recalled on his Wrestling With Freddie podcast.

"Vince in the meeting said, 'Now you're going to show me what you got. Let me get some volunteers.' A few people put their hands up. Sheamus gets up and walks to the front. He takes initiative. He doesn't wait for someone to say yes. He takes initiative and Vince likes that. That's an Alpha move. Wade Barrett gets up next. We have an Englishman and an Irishman. This should be a really easy promo for these guys to cut. Vince said, 'I'm going to give you a premise. You're a dog and you're a dog. Now make me want to watch you fight.'  

"My heart stops and I'm not even the one doing it. You can feel the panic. Everyone got tight. There was so much tension. You can see sweat beads all over Wade Barrett's forehead. Sheamus is stone quiet. He doesn't move. He looks like one of the English soldiers outside the palace. They're frozen. 30 seconds go by. Not a sound. 45 seconds go by, nothing. I'm dying. I want to jump up and say, 'Stop.' It's like watching a murder. A minute goes by. Sheamus says by accident out loud, 'I think I'm having an out-of-body experience', and no one laughs because they can't believe that it just came out of his mouth," Prinze Jr. continued. 

"Wade takes the first step. He growls, and as soon as he growls, and Vince gets up and yells, 'Not an actual f*cking dog. Son of a b*tch.' and he storms out of the room. He came back and said, 'Let's try again.' Sheamus is going to be the babyface dog and he starts talking. He said, 'I'm a good old dog. I'm loyal', and Vince said, 'Just forget the whole damn thing' and storms off. Promo class is cancelled.'"

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