Glenn Jacobs Reveals Kane's Original WWE Name

Almost a fiery name

Glenn Jacobs, the man behind Kane, has revealed what the character was originally slated to be called. 

Jacobs' now-iconic debut as Kane occurred at Badd Blood: In Your House in October 1997 when The Devil's Favourite Demon cost his storyline-brother, The Undertaker, the win in the first Hell In A Cell Match. 

Jacobs reflected on the origins of Kane during a recent appearance on 'Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw' and the former world champion revealed Kane was originally going to be named Inferno. 

"I was always under contract with WWE from 1995 when I signed that developmental deal through Isaac Yankem, the fake Diesel, and then Kane. I was back working with Lawler. I was under a mask because they didn't want anyone to know that this was Isaac Yankem, then the fake Diesel guy. The Kane thing came about when Vader got arrested in Kuwait. They had that deal where Leon had roughed up the talk show host and literally got arrested in Kuwaiti jail. They needed someone to work with Mark (Undertaker)," Jacobs said.

"The thought was, 'Ok, we'll hotshot this deal. We needed an angle. Well, Glenn can do it. He matches up physically with Taker. What's the storyline?' I don't know if it was Bruce or Vince that initially came up with the thought of, well, he would come back under a mask as the brother who got burned in the fire. Well, Vince liked it so much, he said, 'Why are we going to waste this on just one match when we can turn this into an actual long-term angle?' I'm down in Memphis and all this stuff is happening. I get a call, I think from Cornette, or it might have been Bruce, I don't remember exactly who, and they run this thing by me. 'Hey, you're going to be working with Mark.'

"Initially, the character was going to be called Inferno. Bruce always liked the name Kane. I thought Inferno sounded very comic book characterish for where we were going with this, so we suggested the name Kane. Undertaker when he initially came in was Kane the Undertaker, and then they dropped the Kane part and it became the Undertaker. Also with the biblical story of Kane and Abel, we thought that fit."

Kane ultimately went on to have a legendary career in WWE and he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame earlier this year. 

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