WWE's Charlotte Flair: Rhea Ripley Told Me We Were Like Triple H & Ric Flair In Evolution

A lot of respect backstage between the duo

Charlotte Flair has revealed how Rhea Ripley compared the duo to Triple H and her father, Ric Flair, in Evolution.

While Flair and Ripley have been engaged in a lengthy on-screen rivalry in WWE, there is a lot of respect between the duo backstage.

With Flair one of the four horsewomen in WWE, Ripley has always been looked at as one of the leaders of the next generation, something the Queen says the Nightmare is in agreement with.

Speaking with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Flair said: "Our story has actually been going on for two years but because of COVID, people really forgot that we had that build when I won Royal Rumble and we faced each other at the PC, but without an audience. 

"When Rhea and I faced each other at Money in the Bank, it was the first time we were able to dance in front of an audience. Seeing Rhea put in these high-pressure situations like WrestleMania with me when she was in NXT and WrestleMania with Asuka when I was out with COVID, that was last minute and she had no idea. Both times, she rose to the occasion. That speaks volumes of how far she's going to go because that's what it's all about. You either sink or swim, and that's what she did.

"I thought this was cute...I hope she's not mad that I'm sharing this. She was like, 'It's kind of like I'm Triple H and you're Ric Flair. We're kind of like Evolution.' Okay, but we're not tag team partners. I'm kicking your butt. I don't play well with others. No tag teams. I'm really proud of Rhea."

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