Goldberg And Jinder Mahal Would Love To Face Each Other In WWE

Could The Modern-day Maharaja be next?

Goldberg has faced a who’s who of the WWE since his return in 2016, with Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, and The Fiend all tangling with the WCW legend. And now if both men get their way, we could see Goldberg take on Jinder Mahal in a WWE ring.

The two appeared on WWE’s The Bump, where Jinder was asked who he would rather face in a WWE Title match - Goldberg or Drew McIntyre, with Jinder choosing Goldberg as his preferred opponent.

Jinder said:

“I would actually like to face Goldberg. Bill, I grew up looking up to you, why dod you think I have these massive traps? Watching you when I was a kid, lifting up milk jugs, doing shrugs, it would be an honour to share the ring with you, and an even bigger honour to defeat you for a WWE Championship - the second WWE Championship that the Modern Day Maharaja would hold.”

Goldberg was flattered by Jinder’s praise, and replied:

“Well we can all dream can’t we. First and foremost Jinder, thank you man, it’s an honour and a privilege to know that I had a positive effect on anyone coming up in the business - it means a lot to me. I’d be honoured to face you too. There’s no question that we both have a couple of roadblocks to pass beforehand, but hey down the road man if I’m still ticking here, and hopefully I’ve got that championship belt around my waist, I’d love nothing more than to get in a ring with you and see what you’ve got kid.”

If a confrontation between the two were to occur Jinder said he’d love to do it at WrestleMania, whilst Goldberg said they should face off in India. If and when it happens, it’s bound to cause conversation.

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