Griff Garrison Signed With AEW In July 2020

He didn't get the trademark announcement, though

New AEW signings usually get the trademark "... is #AllElite" announcement on social media after they join the company, but one wrestler that didn't is Griff Garrison. 

The Ivy League MVP revealed during a recent interview with Lucha Libre Online that he signed with AEW after his Dynamite match with MJF in July 2020. 

"Bill Barrett, he is my agent. He is very very tight with Christopher Daniels, who books like the kind of new guys, and he's also talked with QT [Marshall] because QT does the same thing as well. Back in March, when COVID hit, I didn't really have any shows going on and he got in contact with them to see if I could do like an extra spot, just come in and do a couple of matches," Griff said. 

"I got the call from Bill in late May saying 'You're going to All Elite Wrestling next week, so get ready, prepare and go train.' I got down there and the first match was with Jimmy [Havoc] and Lance [Archer] and they went great man and ever since then, they liked my performances and brought me back. I had a match with Ricky Starks, they brought me back after that. After that, I had that Dynamite with MJF and, after that match, I was signed," Garrison continued.

"Kudos to Bill for hooking that up. It was crazy because, in such a short time, my life just kind of flip-flopped because I thought 'No more shows, I have to find a real job,' you know, that sort of thing, and here we are sitting here almost a year later."

Following the match against MJF, Garrison started teaming with Brian Pillman Jr. and they christened themselves The Varsity Blonds. They have been regulars on Dynamite and Dark ever since and have faced the likes of Chris Jericho and MJF, Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers, and Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. 

H/T to Luis Pulido & Fightful

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