Hangman Page Frustrated He Hasn't Wrestled Since Winning The AEW World Title

A frustrated Hangman

Back at the Full Gear pay-per-view in November, Hangman Page finally reached the top of the mountain in All Elite Wrestling, defeating his former tag team partner Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship. 

Hangman Page hasn't stepped in the ring since then, though, and The Anxious Millennial Cowboy admitted it's been "a little frustrating" waiting to face Bryan Danielson, a match that will take place on December 15 at Winter Is Coming.

"It's great. It's a little surreal, I don't think it'll ever sink in at this point," Hangman said about his AEW World Title win on Oral Sessions. "It's also a little frustrating because I've worked so hard for so long and won this championship and I have not gotten to wrestle a match since I won it. It's been three or four weeks and I've been asking for a match with Bryan Danielson since after the pay-per-view and I haven't gotten to wrestle. It's kind of frustrating as well. 

"I'm sure it feels that way for people in other sports. You win the Super Bowl and then you just don't play football for a long time, which is not what I want at all, so it's a little frustrating. Otherwise, an incredible feeling. An incredible feeling to know that myself, what I put into everything that AEW started, it wasn't rejected, it was embraced and helped me achieve something. it could've went the other way where people sh*t on who you are. You become so vulnerable and try something different, but it worked, so it's an incredible feeling."

Not only has Hangman not wrestled since winning the AEW World Championship, he has only wrestled twice since late July, having taken time off for the birth of his son until his return in October to win the Casino Ladder Match. 

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