Rhea Ripley Reflects On Losing Her WWE Ring Gear & Tag Team Title

Ripley's gear bag fell out of her car

Rhea Ripley has reflected on losing her ring gear and the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship during a Live Event loop. 

Ripley lost her gear bag back in October, which contained her ring attire and her Women's Tag Team Title, with the Nightmare one half of the champions at the time alongside Nikki A.S.H.

The former Raw Women's Champion has opened up that she lost everything in that moment and her stuff still hasn't turned up, with Ripley having to borrow some of Damian Priest's trousers for the next show.

Speaking to Metro, Ripley revealed she lost it all, saying : "Everything! It was such a fluke thing as well. We were driving, I heard a noise and I was like, 'What was that?' Then I heard it again and the trunk was open. I don’t know how it opened, but I know I closed it!

"So it somehow opened, my suitcase fell out the car. We only drove five minutes and we went back around three times and it was nowhere. I thought it would be on the side of the road somewhere but someone must’ve picked it up. And someone’s enjoying some really sweaty Rhea Ripley clothes. I hope they washed it. I legit was so sweaty! It was disgusting.

"Losing all my stuff – legit, I have one pair of pants. One pair of gear pants, that’s all I had. So, losing that and losing the title, and having to wear Damian Priest’s pants – and them fitting me better than they fit him. It was hilarious!

"I remember putting them on and I walked out, and they fit. He’s like, 'I hate you!' Everyone that walked past was like, 'Woooow! We didn’t realize you had another pair of pants?' They’re not my pants!

"All my memories, my WrestleMania gear, everything that I loved was in that bag. My favourite jacket that I made was in that bag. So, I was really upset about that but luckily I was actually travelling with Tamina and she’s so calm, cool and collected.

"She’s like a mom to us all, and seeing her not stress out and be so chill about it sort of helped me relax and not stress too much about it, and just run with it."

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