Heath Wants To Be IMPACT World Champion

Heath has set his sights on IMPACT gold

IMPACT Wrestling star Heath is currently having fun working for the company, but he still has things he wants to achieve. 

One of those is winning the IMPACT World Title. 

Speaking on the Paltrocast, Heath was asked whether he focuses on enjoying his work or if he has specific things he wants to accomplish, saying: 

"I wanna say I'm like right in the middle of it. Just because I do have goals still that I have set for myself because if you don't have a goal to achieve, what are you doing? That's how I look at that. But then again, I do wanna just have some fun and just enjoy wrestling again because I have been all over the world and I have been in all the big events and whatever you could think and say. But I'm just enjoying myself at the moment, you know, having fun, loving wrestling again, putting on some good matches. Just having fun, you know, that's where I'm at in my mental state of wrestling right now".

Pressed further about the specific goals he has set for himself, Heath said:

"I mean there are two that I probably can't, but there's one. I definitely wanna become the IMPACT World Champion. But I also want to hold the tag titles with Rhino again, so that's more of a goal/personal goal for me, with me and Rhino, just because we've held gold somewhere else. But it's one of those things where I wouldn't mind to run the roads with at least a little bit longer to be the tag champs again and everything".

Heath will compete in the Call Your Shot gauntlet match at Bound for Glory, with the winner receiving a title shot of their choosing.

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