Hulk Hogan: 'What If The WWE Raw Reunion Superstars Got Together And Said 'Enough Is Enough' And Just Took Over The Whole WWE?'

Could you imagine...

Hulk Hogan has been on Twitter, ladies and gentlemen.

In a nutshell, the WWE Hall Of Famer was outside yesterday and saw a red and yellow sky and thought to himself, 'hmm, what if the returning superstars took over the entire WWE, brother?'

No, really, that's what he actually tweeted out: "For some reason, I saw this (the sky) last night I thought of the Raw Reunion, brother, the red/yellow/black color scheme made my mind kick start with a crazy thought, what if the Reunion Superstars got together and said enough is enough and just took over the whole WWE and Ruled 4 Life. HH"


Now we don't know too much about what's going to go down tonight - presumably, this show will follow a similar pattern to last year's Raw 25 celebrations - but surely we can say beyond any doubt Hulk Hogan will NOT form an army of former WWE Superstars who will take over the main roster shows...

Just in case you were wondering what's actually in store for tonight's show, here are the main pointers on WWE.com's preview:

  • WWE Hall of Famers and Legends to descend on Raw Reunion

  • How will Seth Rollins gear up for The Beast?

  • “A Moment of Bliss” will welcome Becky Lynch on Raw Reunion tonight

  • Will Ricochet get retribution after vicious assault at the hands of Styles, Anderson & Gallows?

A full list of the confirmed returning Superstars, and spoilers for a potential massive surprise return can be seen here

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