"I Felt Disappointment In Myself" - Cody Rhodes Opens Up On Botched Death Match Explosion At AEW Revolution

Cody wishes he'd checked out the equipment personally

Cody Rhodes has put blame on himself for the dud explosion at the end of Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega's Barbed Wire Exploding Death Match at AEW Revolution, saying he wishes he'd personally requested a visual check of the explosion before the show.

AEW fans were left feeling short-changed after a frankly abysmal final explosion at the end of Omega and Moxley's excellent main event at AEW Revolution. Although Eddie Kingston tried to make the save for Moxley, the final explosion was underwhelming and significantly below expectations. 

Rhodes was watching from the go position backstage and, revealing his role as a producer for the show, wishes he'd personally asked for a demonstration before the event went on air. 

However, the former AEW TNT Champion is proud of how the company did not shy away from the error.

Speaking to Kenny McIntosh for Inside The Ropes Magazine, Rhodes said: "You have to meet things with honesty. One of the biggest parts of our product is we can’t be so arrogant and just say, ‘Hey, let’s move on and not acknowledge it’ or, ‘Hey, let’s treat it as if it was this amazing moment’. I think that’s the type of company we are. We’re going to talk about it and we’re going to put heat where heat needs to be put.

"I don’t think I’ve ever gone on the record saying this, and I gladly will – I’m one of the producers of the show. You know, Tony’s the main boss and I work for Tony, but as one of the executive vice presidents, I put the heat on me. I did not see what a final demo would look like and I wish, to this day, I had. And now every time that we ever have a situation, I’ll know I need to see it even if it costs Tony money. Hopefully, he’s OK with that. We need to see it. 

"We can’t just go on trust or faith. The devil is in the details in wrestling and I felt like I was sitting there in go position when it happened and I felt a lot of disappointment in myself. I know Kenny and Mox had worked so hard, but, yeah, if you have problems with things, just blame me, because technically that is supposed to be part of the job and I’m OK with that because it makes us learn and it makes us better.

"But we were never going to act like it didn’t happen. There’s no way. You can’t act like that didn’t happen. That’s not our style. So I was proud of how we handled it."

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