ICW Issue Statement On Abuse Allegations In British Professional Wrestling

Brave men and women have been sharing their stories in the last 6 days...

Over the past six days, brave men and women have shared their stories of surviving abuse in the British professional wrestling scene and beyond through #SpeakingOut.

Numerous stories have involved wrestlers who have previously competed in British promotion Insane Championship Wrestling.

ICW announced yesterday they will review any allegations of misconduct on a case by case basis and sever ties with anyone who poses a threat to a safe working environment.

ICW wrote: "Over the past few days, serious allegations have been brought to our attention regarding individuals within the professional wrestling industry, some of whom have been associated with ICW.

The safety of our fans, performers and crew is paramount.

We have taken time to carefully investigate the situation, speak with members of our roster, in particular our female roster members, and to decide on a course of action.

We will strive to ensure a fair and safe work environment for all, and review any allegations of misconduct on a case-by-case basis, as we always have done. We have and will sever ties with an individual who poses a threat to that environment.

We have also created two new roles of the Talent Welfare Officers and will be appointing male and female roster members to those positions. In addition we're going to put a selection of 16 staff and roster members through a Positive Mental Health Scotland course to become qualified Mental Health First Aiders."

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