Image Emerges Of Original Concept For Bray Wyatt's 'Fiend' Mask In WWE

Wyatt's original mask may be even creepier

The designer behind much of Bray Wyatt's 'The Fiend' character in WWE has revealed the Fiend mask originally had the concept of being in two separate parts.

Kyle Scarborough, who worked closely with Windham Rotunda on the designs and concepts for many of his imaginative creations around The Fiend persona, has shared a host of interesting facts and titbits regarding different ideas for the character on social media recently.

The newest reveal shows an original design concept for The Fiend's mask in WWE which, according to Scarborough, would have been in two parts, permitting the face plate to be removed and exposing the flash underneath.

Scarborough also noted that the mask was finished but never actually released by WWE, while also suggesting that the initial mask may have been used in the first few Firefly Fun House vignettes.

Scarbrough has also shared details around concepts for live action characters in the Firefly Fun House, such as Huskus The Pig, and ideas for a mask and face-paint combo for Alexa Bliss during her unholy alliance with Wyatt.

Kyle scarborough two part mask

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