IMPACT Hard To Kill 2022 Results

A big night for IMPACT

IMPACT Wrestling held their first pay-per-view of 2022 on Saturday, January 8 and Hard To Kill aired from The Factory in Dallas, Texas.

While The IInspiration were pulled from the pay-per-view as a precautionary measure, several matches still took place in Dallas, including several No DQ matches and two world title bouts.

Check out the results from Hard To Kill below:

Jake Something def. Madman Fulton - Countdown to Hard To Kill

Ahead of the pay-per-view, Jake Something and Madman Fulton faced off in the first match on the Hard To Kill Countdown show.   

After a few minutes, Madman Fulton used his aggression and decked Jake with Two Chokeslams. Deciding to go for a third proved to be the former SAnitY member's downfall, though, as Something escaped and connected with a Black Hole Slam for the win.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey def. Ace Austin, Chris Bey & Laredo Kid - Countdown to Hard To Kill

Two months after he signed with the promotion, “Speedball” Mike Bailey made his IMPACT Wrestling debut in a Four-Way X-Division match on the Countdown show. 

While he may have had to wait two months to make his debut, it proved to be a successful first night for "Speedball" as he decked Ace Austin with the Ultima Weapon for the victory after some top-class high-flying action from all four competitors. 

Tasha Steelz def. Chelsea Green, Jordynne Grace, Lady Frost, Rosemary & Alisha – Ultimate X Match

IMPACT Wrestling wasted no time once the Hard To Kill pay-per-view got underway, opening the show with the first-ever Knockouts Ultimate X Match.

It didn't take long for outside interference as Savannah Evans decimated everyone at ringside before Havok hoisted Rosemary onto her shoulders to grab the X until Decay were cut down by Chelsea Green. 

Following this, the match featured several high-profile spots, including a Spear to Alisha from Rosemary while Edwards was hanging from the Ultimate X ropes, multiple moments of Jordynne Grace hanging from the ropes while the other competitors tried to drag her down, and a Temperature Drop from a steel beam by Lady Frost to the other competitors on the outside. 

The match came down to Chelsea Green, Tasha Steelz and Jordynne Grace and they all hung from the ropes until the Digital Media Champion tumbled to the mat below. This left Green and Steelz to unhook the X at the same time and it was Steelz who seized the moment, falling to the ring below with the X in her hand to win the match and earn a future Knockouts Title shot. 

Trey Miguel (c) def. Steve Maclin – X-Division Championship

The X-Division Title match was the first championship on the line at Hard To Kill with the added stipulation that Steve Maclin would be barred from challenging for the title again while Trey remained champion if the former WWE Superstar failed to win. 

Their rivalry had become so personal in recent weeks, a feud that involved Maclin actually kidnapping Miguel, that Trey attacked his opponent before the bell and then caught him with a Moonsault so good after the match got underway the X-Division Champion landed in the front row of the audience.

Maclin managed to fight back, though, and he later decked Miguel with Crosshairs while Trey was hung up in the ropes. Miguel managed to kick out and Maclin went for Mayhem For All but Miguel countered into a Hurricanrana. 

Maclin didn't come close to victory again and Miguel hit a Meteora on the floor before he followed up with two Meteora finishers inside the squared circle to retain the title and hand Maclin his first pinfall loss in IMPACT. 

Jonathan Gresham (c) def. Chris Sabin – Pure Rules Match for the ROH World Championship

While the promotion may be on hiatus until April, Ring Of Honor had a presence at Hard To Kill as ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham defended the gold against his former Search and Destroy faction-mate Chris Sabin in a Pure Rules Match. Ian Riccaboni was also on the call while Bobby Cruise performed ring announcing duties. 

Both Gresham and Sabin fought back and forth in a very good technical wrestling match, in which a big deal was made of them using their allotted three rope breaks, with Gresham using his first to break up a pin while Sabin used his first to escape a Crossface.

The end looked to be near for Chris Sabin soon after Gresham applied an Octopus Hold. The former IMPACT World Champion escaped, though, and connected with Cradle Shock. The referee then counted the 1-2-3 but Gresham's foot, fortunately, lay under the bottom rope, which the official noticed and ruled the ROH World Champion had used his second rope break. 

The back and forth action then continued and Sabin went for a second Cradle Shock but Gresham escaped and after several more counters, The Octopus rolled into a bridge to score the 1-2-3 and retain the ROH World Title. 

Josh Alexander def. JONAH 

The personal feud distracting Josh Alexander from his pursuit of the IMPACT World Championship appeared to come to an end at Hard To Kill as The Walking Weapon vanquished JONAH - the man who attacked him in the former Bronson Reed's IMPACT debut at Turning Point in November. 

In a match marred by audio issues and even a brief outage of the pay-per-view feed, Alexander wasn't afraid to hit big spots as he caught JONAH with a Splash from the top rope over the barricade, causing The Top Dog to crash into the audience's seats.

Alexander ended up bleeding down the stretch and this provided the opening for JONAH to go for a Moonsault. The Top Dog crashed and burned, though, after Alexander rolled out of the way and the former IMPACT World Champion followed up with a German Suplex and Powerbomb before he applied the Ankle Lock. 

JONAH tried to escape but Alexander stomped on his face and The Walking Weapon reapplied the Ankle Lock to win the match by submission, with JONAH having no choice but to tap out. 

Heath, Rhino, Rich Swann, Willie Mack & Eddie Edwards def. The Good Brothers & Violent By Design – Hardcore War

Several personal rivalries in IMPACT Wrestling came to a head at Hard To Kill as Heath, Rhino, Willie Mack, Rich Swann and Eddie Edwards squared off with The Good Brothers and Violent By Design in Hardcore War. 

Similar to WarGames but without the cage, Hardcore War involved a man from each team starting out the match and a new competitor entered every 90 seconds after an initial three-minute beginning, with VBD and The Good Brothers holding the advantage following Karl Anderson's win over Heath on Thursday's episode of IMPACT. The match then officially got underway once all 10 men had entered the ring. 

Rich Swann and Deaner started out the match and before all 10 men had even entered the match, a door, trash cans, steel chairs, beer bottles, a flaming Kenny the kendo stick and a steel chain had all been used to hurt each other. 

The chaos only continued after pinfalls and submissions became legal and Eric Young put Eddie Edwards through a table with a Piledriver from the apron and a barbed wire board also entered the fray, with Joe Doering putting Rich Swann through the weak structure with a Death Valley Driver. 

Despite hitting the big spots, though, it was the babyfaces who won the match after Heath decked Karl Anderson with a Dallas Cowboys helmet and Rhino followed up with a Gore for the victory. 

Then, in a shocking turn of events, Ring Of Honor talents Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent and PCO invaded IMPACT and laid out the babyface winners following the match. The ROH contingent then stood tall with Maria Kanellis while Scott D'Amore promised backstage to get the Sinclair-owned promotion on the phone to find out what was going on. 

Moose (c) def. Matt Cardona & W. Morrissey – IMPACT World Championship

Moose defended the IMPACT World Championship he won at Bound For Glory in the semi-main event of Hard To Kill against Matt Cardona and former ally W. Morrissey. 

With the match being a Three-Way, disqualifications did not apply and the three competitors took advantage, with Matt Cardona pushing Moose from the top turnbuckle to send him crashing through a table at ringside before Morrissey decked Alwayz Ready with a fan's prosthetic leg. 

This left Cardona and Morrissey to fight on while Moose was down and the former GCW World Champion thought he had the match won after hitting a second Radio Silence on Morrissey, only for Moose to recover and drag the referee out of the ring before the three count. 

Shenanigans then came into play as the referee was laid out by a Spear from Moose after Cardona avoided the finisher. It was then Morrissey's turn to have the match won as Cardona decked Moose with Radio Silence before the former Big Cass threw Matt out of the ring and hit the IMPACT World Champion with a Powerbomb. The referee remained down, though, which prompted the arrival of a second official. 

This referee didn't last too long, though, as following more back and forth action, Chelsea Green climbed into the ring and was almost hit with a chair by Matt Cardona and Moose, calling back to three weeks ago. Cardona almost won the world title with a roll-up but Moose kicked out and then Powerbombed Alwayz Ready into the second referee and Green.

Cardona had little time to react before Moose caught him with a Spear and the original referee rolled back into the ring to count the 1-2-3. 

Mickie James (c) def. Deonna Purrazzo – Texas Death Match for the Knockouts Championship

Then after two No DQ matches, IMPACT decided to finish the night with a Texas Death Match as Mickie James and Deonna Purrazzo looked to end their months-long feud over the Knockouts Championship. 

Both women used plenty of weapons throughout the match, including steel chairs, a road case, a wheelbarrow, thumbtacks and Purrazzo even used James' own ring gear to choke the Knockouts Champion. 

Hardcore Country thought she had the match won after she caught Purrazzo with a vicious chair shot to the head, causing The Virtuosa to crash to the floor below. Matt Rehwoldt, who was told he would be fired if he touched James, charged to the ring, though, and pulled Purrazzo to her feet just before the count of 10. 

Purrazzo then recovered and came close to winning the match herself after she put James through a table with the Queen's Gambit, but Mickie just managed to climb to her feet at the count of nine. 

Both women fought on and they called back to the infamous WrestleMania 22 moment from James' match with Trish Stratus, lick and all, as the Knockouts Champion went for a guitar shot. 

Matt Rehwoldt ultimately sacrificed himself for the challenger but it didn't matter as James still hit Purrazzo with a Jumping DDT onto thumbtacks and The Virtuosa was unable to meet the count of 10. 

Hard To Kill then went off the air as James held the Knockouts Title aloft, only weeks before she returns to WWE in the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble. 

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