IMPACT Results - March 9 2021: World Title Unification At Sacrifice

All titles will be on the line at Sacrifice on March 13

IMPACT Wrestling this week opened up with Tasha Steelz taking on Jazz, ahead of the Knockouts Tag Title match at Sacrifice which will see Fire ’N’ Flava defending the belts against Jazz & Jordynne Grace. Steelz took Jazz lightly throughout this bout and it blew up in her face, with Jazz getting the clean win with the STF in the middle of the ring.

Sticking with the Knockouts Division, ODB cut a promo backstage bigging up her Knockouts Title match against Champion Deonna Purazzo at Sacrifice, vowing to become a five-time Knockouts Champ. Susan appeared and was angry at the beatdown from last week, and challenged ODB to a match tonight.

After Sami Callihan’s attack on Trey Miguel’s school last week, Callihan convinced academy trainee Sam Beale to join him, with Beale trashing Trey Miguel backstage and also challenging him to a match tonight

Rohit Raju & Shera teamed up to take on tag veterans Chris Sabin & James Storm. Shera’s unbridled rage got the better of him and led to arguments between him and Raju, allowing Storm & Sabin to get the win. Later on, Shera told Raju that he doesn’t owe him anything whilst hoisting him up in the air by his head.

Reno Scum and XXXL argued about last week’s eight-man tag match, before Decay challenged Reno Scum to a tag match at Sacrifice. Also backstage, Eric Young and Joe Doering released a bruised and battered Deener from a cupboard, as James Storm and Chris Sabin lambasted Young for what he’s doing. Deener attacked Storm and Sabin, as Doering and Young join in.

Brian Myers offered to drop his lawsuit against Scott D’Amore if he terminates Eddie Edwards contract, D’Amore refused and instead said Myers and Edwards can settle their difference in a Hold Harmless Match at Sacrifice. Myers accepted thinking it’s a submission match, but his face dropped when it’s revealed that it’s actually a no-holds-barred bout.

Trey Miguel vs. Sam Beale was over in a minute after Miguel easily outclassed the rookie Beale. Sami Callihan sarcastically applauded before Package Piledriving Beale in the middle of the ring to Miguel's horror.

Storm and Sabin were reeling from Violent By Design’s attack and vowed to cut off Eric Young’s 'snake' head. Storm and Sabin then challenged Doering and Deener to a tag match at Sacrifice, as Jake Something said he’ll be in their corner to counteract Eric Young.

AEW’s two Tonys Schiavone and Khan had their usual weekly address, hyping up this week’s Dynamite whilst doubling down on the ‘Kenny Omega is terrible at building exploding rings’ explanation for the end of the AEW: Revolution PPV.

Elsewhere, The Good Brothers and FinJuice had a contract signing ahead of their Impact Tag Title bout at Sacrifice. The two teams talked trash and drank whiskey together before a full-on brawl kicked off. Scott D’Amore saw it coming and left early before the carnage occurred.

Ace Austin and Chris Bey went one-on-one ahead of Austin’s X-Division Title shot against TJP. Madman Fulton didn’t get involved as Austin wanted to prove a point, but his presence did distract Bey at times. The two had a crisp back-and-forth match with lots of counter-wrestling, before TJP lured Fulton away from ringside, allowing Bey to hit the Art of Finesse on Austin for the win.

TJP then celebrated in Swinger’s Palace, as Josh Alexander said he’ll be paying close attention to the X Division Title match at Sacrifice.

The final match of the night saw ODB dispatch Susan with ease, before Deonna Purazzo and Kimber Lee ran in to attack. Jordynne Grace and Jazz evened the score, but Fire ’N’ Flava also joined the fray, with the heels dishing out a five-on-three beatdown.

Scott D’Amore talked with an unseen figure in his office hyping up a huge announcement for the Impact Title scene, before being called to the ring by TNA Champion Moose. Impact Champion Rich Swann joined them as D’Amore announced that the Sacrifice main event has changed, and will now be Impact Championship vs. TNA Championship in a title unification match.

D’Amore further announced that the winner will defend the Undisputed Impact Title at Rebellion against AEW World Champion Kenny Omega in a title vs. title match. Cameras cut back to D’Amore’s office where the unseen figure was revealed as Don Callis, who called Omega to confirm that their plan was falling into place.

Full results:
• Jazz def. Tasha Steelz
• Chris Sabin & James Storm def. Rohit Raju & Shera
• Trey Miguel def. Sam Beale
• Chris Bey def. Ace Austin
• ODB def. Susan

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