IMPACT’s The IInspiration: We'll Go So Much Further Together Than Alone

The Knockouts Tag Team Champions are planning to stick together

After their shock release from WWE it took a while for The IInspiration to find a new promotion to ply their trade, but have already made themselves at home in IMPACT, winning the Knockouts Tag Titles in their first night in the company.

Now, speaking with Denise Salcedo, Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee have admitted that IMPACT have given them a lot of creative freedom compared to WWE, and the pair will go further together than apart, after being unceremoniously split in WWE:

‘”It’s easy, you know, when we were with WWE, it’s very much Groundhog Day — it’s the same thing over and over and over again,” said McKay. “And you can get into this routine and it’s just, everything’s the same. But for Cass and I, we’ve always wanted more. We’ll never be complacent with our lives or where we are. And that’s why IMPACT was the perfect place for us to call our new home because they give us this whole world and we can step into that, and we can do whatever we have dreamed of. And it’s just amazing, and we’re really fortunate to be a part of IMPACT and to have that creativity and that freedom, and also that trust.”

McKay continued:

“But yeah absolutely. I’ve always known that Cassie is a damn star, and I’m so glad that I’m her best friend. Because we just make each other people, and there’s no one else on this whole entire world that I’d want my life to be with, so it’s just, you know, we’ve got many years ahead of us. Onward and upwards, as we say.”

Lee concurred that the two are better teaming together than flying solo:

“There’s some sort of a saying that I can’t exactly remember right now, but it’s something along the lines of, ‘If you want to go far, go together,'” said Lee. “And when I think of Jess and The IInspiration, whatever it is, whatever brand we create now, or in the future or in the past, I just see us together going so much further than we could go alone. And alone is a lonely road ahead, you know. But together we have so much fun.”

H/T: WrestleZone

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