IMPACT Wrestling Results - April 15 2021: Farewell Jazz

We also heard from Rich Swann and Kenny Omega in a Rebellion press conference

As usual, IMPACT opened with a recap video, focusing on Jazz losing the Career vs. Title match against Deonna Purrazzo at Hardcore Justice, and Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers vs. Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Eddie Edwards from last week’s IMPACT.

IMPACT kicked off with Josh Alexander vs. TJP. With both gunning for X Division Champion Ace Austin, this was a game of one-upmanship to prove who is the true number one contender. Alexander soon gained control, with an answer for everything TJP did, but TJP would not stay down, and the two started exchanging submissions - Alexander favouring the Ankle Lock, TJP going for an Armbar. It was to be Alexander’s day though, getting the win with Divine Intervention.

We had another Taylor Wilde return vignette, with Wilde herself appearing on camera saying ‘Let’s get Wilde’.

Match two saw Decay’s Crazzy Steve take on The Good Brothers’ Karl Anderson. The Good Brothers were ostracised from the IMPACT locker room a few week’s back due to their alliance with Kenny Omega, and Decay were one of the acts who stared them out, hence this match. Anderson took control of the bout from the off, with the commentators referring to the GBs as ‘wounded animals’. Gallows got in Crazzy Steve’s face when he looked to be getting momentum, allowing Anderson to hit the Spinebuster for the 3.

Backstage, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton headed to Swinger’s Palace to talk odds for his upcoming X Division Title defence. TJP and Josh Alexander turned up to have their say, leading to Petey Williams arriving to drop some Steiner Math in Alexander’s favour.

Back in the ring, Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack had a mic. Edwards had words for Eric Young and Violent By Design, saying that when you mess with Tommy Dreamer you mess with IMPACT. Edwards threw down the gauntlet to VBD, saying he wants a fight. VBD arrived with Eric Young having words with Eddie before the four men circled the ring. Before VBD could attack, James Storm and Chris Sabin ran out to even the odds, with Storm suggesting an eight-man tag match for Rebellion.

Deonna Purrazzo and Susan were walking backstage, with Purrazzo trying to make sure Susan was feeling herself. Scott D’Amore turned up and warned the two that they better not ruin Jazz’s retirement ceremony. 

Tenille Dashwood premiered her new show; All About Me, with Kaleb and Gia Miller. Tenille patted herself on the back about her in-ring accomplishments, as well as her extra curricular activities, even claiming to be the start point for the women’s revolution. Tenille said she will defeat Deonna Purrazzo for the IMPACT Knockouts Title.

Jazz came out for her retirement speech with Jordynne Grace. Jazz put over Deonna as a true champion, as well as the present, and the future of women’s wrestling. Jazz also thanked Grace for the opportunity to tag together, adding that Grace’s future was bright. Fire ’n’ Flava interrupted and said it was time Jazz went to the retirement home with all the oldies, good riddance and thanks for your time. An angered Grace told them to shut up for once in their lives, and told them to get in the ring. Fire ’n’ Flava said no, but a ref came out to say the match is official.

The commentators said Jazz isn’t officially retired until she leaves the building, so Jazz and Grace set about beating up the Knockouts Tag Champs before the bell rang. Grace and Jazz were dominant, and made short work of the champs, with Jazz getting the 3 after a couple of minutes. Post-match Jazz continued her speech, officially announcing her retirement and thanking the fans for their love and continuous support, as the entire locker-room came out to show appreciation.

Backstage Fire ’n' Flava were yelling at Scott D’Amore. D’Amore said they’re disrespectful, and said they’re putting the titles on the line against Jordynne Grace and Jazz at Rebellion. Jazz and Grace arrived, Jazz said she’s a woman of her word and is out, but said she’s got a replacement in mind to team with Grace.

Match four was Brian Myers in a Pick Your Poison match - Myers’ opponent was handpicked by Matt Cardona, with Jake Something coming out for the bout, following his victory over The Most Professional Wrestler at Hardcore Justice. Something started strongly, using his strength to keep Myers at bay, as Cardona watched on from the entranceway. Myers was on the back-foot, until he nailed the Roster Cut lariat for the win. Post-match, Myers said it was a pain in the ass to see with his eyepatch on, but it’s harder to see in the dark, as the lights went out and Sami Callihan appeared to attack Cardona.

Callihan was all over Cardona before the bell rang, but took his eyes off of Cardona for a second, narrowly avoiding defeat to Radio Silence. Cardona fought more aggressively to keep up with Callihan, matching Sami blow-for-blow as they fought outside the ring. Sami regained control with an Exploder Suplex on the floor, before taking the match back in to the ring. Cardona built up a head of steam, but Callihan got a thumb to Cardona’s eye and hit the Package Piledriver for the win.

Post-match, Sami grabbed a mic and called Cardona a piece of trash, before calling Trey Miguel out to the ring. Callihan said he was proud of Miguel at Hardcore Justice. Sami offered once again to mentor Miguel, telling him to tap into his rage and to shake his hand and take over IMPACT as a team. Miguel said an emphatic no, but Sami said he should thank him, because he took Tommy Dreamer out at Hardcore Justice so Trey Miguel could have a spot in the eight-man tag against Violent By Design. Miguel had heard enough and went to attack Sami, but Callihan had him scouted, taking his head off with a standing lariat, before hitting a huge Exploder onto a standing chair. 

A special video from New Japan as IMPACT Tag Champs FinJuice said they’ve enjoyed watching The Good Brothers struggle, and put over their own accomplishments in NJPW and beyond. FinJuice finished by saying they’re going to prove once again that they’re the best tag team, at Rebellion.

Our ‘main event’ was a press conference for the upcoming IMPACT World Title vs. AEW World Title bout at IMPACT Rebellion. Scott D’Amore and Rich Swann represented IMPACT, with Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn representing AEW - Kenny Omega apparently declined to attend, as the attendees looked on confused. Swann fielded a question abut how he is going to take on Omega by saying he has overcome adversity many times, and this is another step in his journey.

TK and Lynn were asked a question about how they would make sure the match would go ahead and end with a definitive winner. TK said he believes Kenny will win, but said that whoever wins will make all the commitments necessary as champion for both IMPACT and Dynamite. Scott D’Amore confirmed this, saying they have it in writing. 

Kenny Omega and Don Callis finally appeared. Callis was asked when he’s going to stop playing both sides against each other; IMPACT and AEW. Callis was indignant, but doubled down on his previous comments about Swann, how he is a great wrestler and a good man, but Omega is on another level. Omega took to the podium saying he is a legend and a professional, and takes what he does very seriously. Omega tried getting into Swann’s head by saying he’s never faced a high profile situation like this before, and that whilst Omega has been put on Earth to serve a purpose, Swann is only here because he just likes to wrestle, and that Swann doesn’t belong in this moment, whilst history won’t even remember Swann as part of Omega’s history making moment.

Omega offered a condescending ‘good luck’ to Swann and slapped him in the face, leading to a pull apart brawl, as IMPACT went off the air.

Check out the full results below:
• Josh Alexander def. TJP
• Karl Anderson def. Crazzy Steve
• Jazz & Jordynne Grace def. Fire ’n’ Flava
• Brian Myers def. Jake Something - Pick Your Poison Match
• Sami Callihan def. Matt Cardona - Pick Your Poison Match

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