IMPACT Wrestling Results - April 22 2021: Last Stop Until Rebellion

IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann talks ahead of huge Kenny Omega showdown

IMPACT opened up with a quick hype video for Swann vs. Omega at Rebellion, showing clips from last week’s press conference and subsequent brawl. 

In the IMPACT Zone, and our opening contest saw Decay taking on The Good Brothers. Decay started well, with Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve all over Karl Anderson, but Doc Gallows soon turned the bout in The GBs’ favour. A Magic Killer sealed the deal for Gallows and Anderson ahead of their IMPACT Tag Title rematch against FinJuice at Rebellion.

Post-match, Anderson thanked FinJuice for waking The Good Brothers up, as they admitted they got a bit too comfortable with their position.

Backstage, the IMPACT roster gave their thoughts on Swann vs. Omega. They were unanimous in their support of Swann, and hoped the title would stay with IMPACT. A hype package for the match then aired.

Eric Young was backstage with Violent By Design. EY said violence was the only thing ‘the disease’ understands, and that the World doesn’t belong to James Storm, it belongs to VBD.

Match two pitted Susan against Tenille Dashwood, ahead of Tenille’s shot against Knockouts Champion Deonna Purazzo at Rebellion. Susan was agitated as they locked up, as Su Yung continues to try and fight her way out. Tenille was firmly in control until Purazzo tripped her, allowing Susan to take the advantage. Susan exclaimed that she “is Susan” to an exasperated Tenille, before taking a nasty double underhook suplex in the corner. A big single leg kick to the face sealed the win for Dashwood.

Post-match Tenille grabbed a mic and asked Deonna if she saw what she just did, and told Deonna to shine the title nice for when Tenille wins it at Rebellion.

Brian Myers spoke about his upcoming match against former partner Matt Cardona. Myers says he evolves and continues to grow, whilst Cardona lives in the past and thinks the business owes him something because he was big on YouTube 10 years ago. Myers finally removed his eyepatch, and said that at Rebellion, Cardona will be another roster cut.

More members of the IMPACT roster spoke about Swann vs. Omega. Most were in favour of Swann, but The Good Brothers doubled down on their support for Omega.

Sami Callihan cut a promo on Trey Miguel, vowing to make an example of Trey in a Last Man Standing match at Rebellion, and vowed that Trey will never walk again.

The next match saw Shera go one-on-one with Jake Something. Shera was all over Something from the bell, using his size to control the bout as Rohit Raju barked advice from ringside. Something came back into the match and built up a head of steam, but Raju distracted him, allowing Shera to hit Sky High for the win.

Cut to a video of Trey Miguel at his training school, expressing his worries about Sami Callihan, and how the Death Machine has been messing with his mind. Miguel said he’s going to win, and he’s doing it for nobody but himself. We then had a good old fashioned training montage. 

Video package ahead of Josh Alexander vs. TJP vs. X Division Champion Ace Austin at Rebellion.

Rich Swann made his way to the IMPACT Zone to talk about last week’s press conference. Swann said he made a mistake when he went to shake Omega’s hand as Omega sucker punched him, and Swann said if Kenny wants to put his hands on him then he should come do it right now. Don Callis and Kenny Omega showed up on screen sarcastically saying they wished they could be there, but ‘when’ Omega wins the IMPACT Title, he’ll be appearing on IMPACT. Omega said when he’s World Champion in three companies, he’ll need another house, another Swiss bank account, and said when he wins it’ll be another step on the road to Omega’s World takeover.

Moose then made his return to IMPACT to address Swann. Moose congratulated Swann for taking advantage of him, but was out there to give some advice. Moose said he’s bigger, faster, and more skilled than Omega, but Omega has something Moose didn’t have at Sacrifice; Callis and The Good Brothers. Moose told Swann good luck, and his advice was Swann better not lose the titles to Kenny Omega, or he will pay the ultimate consequences to Moose. Swann said he’s going to win the AEW World Championship, and will have no problems pinning Moose’s ass again.

More IMPACT talents talked about Swann vs. Omega, stating that Swann is fighting for everyone in IMPACT at Rebellion. We then had another Taylor Wilde vignette.

Back in the IMPACT Zone and Fire ’n’ Flava came to the ring, ahead of Kiera Hogan vs. Jordynne Grace. Grace wasted no time in going after Hogan, using her power advantage to assert control. Hogan then had a spell on top, before Grace hit a muscle buster and went for the pin, but Tasha Steelz broke it up, giving Grace the DQ win. Fire ’n’ Flava beat Grace down, but Rachel Ellering made the save. Grace took a mic and confirmed that Ellering is teaming with her at Rebellion to challenge for the Knockouts Tag Titles.

FinJuice dropped a video promo from Japan, saying they’re tired of hearing Good Brothers’ excuses and that at Rebellion they’ll prove once again that they’re the best tag team in the world.

Another video package aired for Swann and Omega, showing how Swann beat Moose to become unified IMPACT Champion at Sacrifice, and Swann and Omega’s history. We also saw clips from Jim Ross, Eddie Edwards, and Sami Callihan giving their thoughts on the match.

The main event of the evening pitted Violent By Design’s Eric Young against Eddie Edwards, accompanied by James Storm, Chris Sabin, and Willie Mack, ahead of their eight-man tag match at Rebellion. The two factions faced off before the bell, then allowed Edwards and Young to get the match started. Edwards started out on top, grounding Young and keeping him away from VBD, but Young soon came into it, crotching Edwards on the top rope, and trapping his leg. Young was firmly in control heading forward, until Edwards returned the favour, crotching EY on the top turnbuckle and hitting a superplex. Edwards got a close 2 with the Blue Thunder Bomb, and another with a Tiger Driver after a series of counter holds between the two men. Deaner went to attack Edwards, leading to a big brawl featuring everyone at ringside. The confusion allowed Young to trap Edwards with a roll-up for the win, but the brawl continued all around ringside as IMPACT went off the air. 

Full results:
• The Good Brothers def. Decay
• Tenille Dashwood def. Susan
• Shera def. Jake Something
• Jordynne Grace def. Kiera Hogan
• Eric Young def. Eddie Edwards

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