The Undertaker Clarifies His 'Soft' Comment About Today's WWE Talent

"I have a lot of respect for our roster, but I came from a different time period."

The Undertaker has sought to clarify previous comments about the current crop of WWE talent, in which he described today's product as 'soft'.

The Phenom, speaking on the Joe Rogan Podcast a couple of months ago, said that he felt today's WWE wrestlers were lacking an edge and that the overall product was soft; remarks that prompted response from a number of performers within WWE. 

The recently-retired Undertaker has now looked to clarify what he meant by those comments, saying he was more referencing how tough he and other performers had it when he was starting out. 

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Undertaker said: "I wasn’t bashing our talent. Our talent is extraordinary. What they’re physically able to do, I couldn’t imagine doing that back in the day.

"I have a lot of respect for our roster, but I came from a different time period. My point was it was tough back then. I remember when Triple H first came in, and he was shocked that I had black electrical tape on my boots.

"It was just a different time. We didn’t even have trainers on the road. If you had torn gear, you either wore it torn or you tried to fix it yourself. I’m so proud to be part of the evolution of our business. The industry has come so far. It’s a sign of the success and how far we’ve come.”

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