IMPACT Wrestling Results - July 15 2021: Last Stop Before Slammiversary

All the action from the IMPACT Zone

The opening recap package showed the key moments from last week's IMPACT: Kenny Omega and Sami Callihan’s contract signing, and Callihan’s arrest due to Don Callis’ machinations. We also got Callihan’s mid-week challenge proposing their Slammiversary Title bout be a NoDQ match.

Straight to the IMPACT Zone for our opening match; Kaleb with a K and Tenille Dashwood against Rachel Ellering and Jordynne Grace. Grace and Kaleb started, and predictably, Kaleb got dominated. Tenille and Rachel tagged in, and things were still in the faces' favour, leading to Tenille and Kaleb attempting to leave. Grace and Ellering hit matching spinebusters and it seems they’re back on the same page. Kaleb and Tenille did get some momentum, but Grace made short work of it with a lovely running sit-out powerbomb on Kaleb. The two worked over Kaleb with Vader bombs and double team moves, as Tenille clearly wanted no part of this. Kaleb did take out Grace with a superkick which allowed Tenille to make an appearance, but she soon ate a huge spinebuster. Grace and Ellering then combined with an elevated swinging sambo suplex onto Kaleb for the victory.

We got a hype video for Kenny vs. Callihan at Slammiversary, showing Callihan and Don Callis’ IMPACT past, amongst other things. We also got a Deonna Purrzzo hype package, ahead of her match against a mystery opponent at Slammiversary.

Purrazzo was sat with Scott D’Amore, with the EVP placating the champ as they went over the terms of the match contract. Purrazzo demanded respect from D’Amore whilst going over her accomplishments. Purrazzo signed, as D’Amore said IMPACT may be a ‘hot mess’ but Slammiversary is truly going to be ‘iconic’, and even if things get crazy and go all ‘hardcore country’ it’ll be a great night. Purrazzo asked if D’Amore would reveal who her opponent was, D’Amore replied “no way Jose”, as Tommy Dreamer reiterated that they haven’t signed him, before wishing Purrazzo luck. Fun segment.

Tasha Steelz was up next in singles action against Havok, with the two set to clash in tag team action for the Knockouts Tag Titles at Slammiversary. Tasha wanted nothing to do with Havok, but as she tried to escape she was intimidated back into the ring by Rosemary. Havok dominated Steelz from the off, but Tasha turned the tide with a big neckbreaker. Steelz built her momentum as Kiera Hogan trash-talked from the outside, but it only annoyed Havok who reclaimed the advantage with a series of heavy strikes. Tasha tried to evade Havok as best she could, but a tombstone sealed her fate.

A quick hype video for W. Morrissey aired, before we saw a frantic looking Kimber Lee pacing in a hallway. Susan came out saying everything was fine, but Father James Mitchell couldn’t coax out Su Yung. A shocked Kimber was surprised that Susan knew about Su Yung, as Susan smiled and said she knew all along, before dragging a screaming Kimber into a red room. 

Match three was another quick squash match to establish Steve Maclin, as he made short work of Kal Herro. Maclin was irate at the calibre of opponent he was facing, asking “is this it?” to the camera before savaging Herro. Another dominant display, punctuated by a reverse scoop into a Michinoku Driver.

Post-match, Maclin took the mic. Maclin said giving him time is the worst thing you can do, as giving him time gives him the chance to prepare and wait. Maclin said he’s come to IMPACT prepared, but now he’s done waiting.

Backstage, Havok and Decay were preparing for the Knockouts Tag Title match at Slammiversary. Rosemary said the key to victory is if Havok joins them, as opposed to walking with them as an outsider. Father James Mitchell arrived to indoctrinate Havok into Decay, saying he just barely escaped from the most wicked woman he has ever met in his life.

Eight-man tag action next, as the competitors of Ultimate X clashed, as Rohit Raju, Ace Austin, and their heavies Shera and Madman Fulton, took on Trey Miguel, Petey Williams, Chris Bey, and X Division Champion Josh Alexander. As expected this was a fast paced affair, with all competitors getting their chance to shine. Lots of quick tags from both teams, with Trey Miguel taking the lion’s share of punishment from the heels. Chris Bey eventually tagged in and cleared house after weeks not picking a side in this X Division war, but was dismantled by Madman Fulton. A quick parade of finishers occurred, but a roll-up by Bey on Shera settled it.

Post-match it turned into an all-out brawl, as Bey went ham with a chair on the heels. The faces celebrated, but Bey showed it was every man for himself as he nailed his partners with the chair before escaping to the back. 

Backstage, Brian Myers and Sam Beale approached Hernandez, with Myers asking Hernandez to watch his back. Hernandez said he has a full-time gig with Swinger, so he’s not interested. Myers spoke to someone off camera, and asked them to have his back instead.

Myers came to the ring, and asked Jake Something to come to the ring. Something came out flanked by Matt Cardona, and Myers took the mic and said Something is a professional… but it didn’t mean he’d ever become a star. Myers criticised Something’s image, and things broke down into a brawl between Myers, Beale, Cardona, and Something. Cardona had Myers’ number, but as he went for the Broski Boot, Tenille Dashwood gave him a low blow, and Dashwood and Myers laid the boots in on Dashwood’s real-life ex.

Cardona cut a backstage promo calling Myers a son of a b****, and was exasperated at Tenille’s attack. Scott D’Amore appeared, and suggested a mixed tag for Slammiversary; Myers and Tenille vs Cardona and a female wrestler of his choosing. D’Amore said the match will be a hot mess.

A hype video played for Moose and Chris Sabin’s upcoming match at Slammiversary, before Moose himself made his way to the ring for a match with Hernandez, all stemming from last week when Moose caused malice in Swinger’s Palace. Moose and Hernandez had a hard hitting affair, but it didn’t last long, as Moose quickly got the win with the spear. 

Post-match, Moose went to Pillmanise Hernandez, but Sabin made the save, as he repeatedly hit dragon screws on Moose, before attempting to Pillmanise him himself. However, Moose escaped before contact could be made.

Another Callihan/Omega hype package aired, but this time featuring comments from Don Callis, and The Belt Collector. 

Main event time, as Doc Gallows, Willie Mack, Fallah Bahh, and Joe Doering clashed ahead of their four-corners IMPACT Tag Title Bout at Slammiversary. A big man battle between four hosses, Mack and Bahh formed a brief alliance before engaging in a respectful chop battle. Doering and LG broke it up, and squared off against Mack and Bahh respectively. Bahh had LG’s number in ring, but Doering soon took him down as LG focused his attack outside the ring on Willie. This was a big slugging affair, as the four brawled all over the IMPACT Zone, until LG and Doering finally had their big hoss battle. Bahh then hit Willie with a lovely Samoan drop, but Doering ran him over with a lariat for the win.

The Good Brothers exchanged words with VBD, as IMPACT went off the air.

Full results:
• Jordynne Grace & Rachel Ellering def. Kaleb & Tenille Dashwood
• Havok def. Tasha Steelz
• Steve Maclin def. Kal Herro
• Josh Alexander, Trey Miguel, Petey Williams, & Chris Bey def. Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju, & Shera
• Moose def. Hernandez
• Joe Doering  def. Willie Mack, Doc Gallows, and Fallah Bahh

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